Let’s Dab

The ultimate Let’s Dab experience.

DabToHelp is a charity that we own. It donates to people in poverty across the world.

Go to letsdab.lol/dabtohelp to learn more.

Lets Dab X is the best Let's Dab experience. Let's Dab X let's you make music on LDab arts for free you can also make art on LDab arts for free if you make a mug or anything like that on LDab arts you will get free shipping.

Where are the games?

Our games are currently in the shop and we are finding a coder with our partner WillowTreeApps.com. We will tell you when we realease

Let’s Dab is part of the lkProject for local businesses we are proud to be based in NYC

lkProject at kbf.am/lupr1